Oh, Jethro!

Jethro--injured again
Jethro--injured again

This winter we ordered 25 more laying hens and 4 roosters.  We received 12 roosters.  12 roosters is 10-11 more roosters than we needed.  So, Serrano Rooster Survivor was born.  We “weeded out (ie sent to the freezer)” the ho-hum, bossy, rude, aggressive, and lazy roosters and kept 2.   One of the 2 kept was Elvis.  He is a beauty–black and white with a big crest.  He might as well be a hen, if you catch my meaning, and he weighs nothing–not a good freezer candidate.

The rooster we are pinning our dreams (and the hens reproductive yearnings) on is Jethro.  He has proven himself to be a great rooster.  He is the obvious choice of the hens–meaning they do not run in fear from him!  He calls everyone for meals and treats his gals with respect.  He is not aggressive toward us and has a great voice.  The DAY AFTER the last 2 losing contestants went to the freezer, Jethro developed a bad limp.  That was about a week ago and he seems mostly recovered.  Things happen.  Perhaps he got his foot caught in something. 

Friday, I go to the barn to discover Jethro’s neck is bleeding.  Chicken society is a pretty brutal one. Had this been a hen, they would all be ganging up on her and picking at the wound–likely until she died.  Since it is Jethro, a few gals are picking at it here and there. You can see this in the photo as White Pants picks at him.  We have separated him out into a dog kennel to give him a chance to heal.  He has a small puncture in one of his wattles.  He will very likely be fine.  Paco slapped a little neosporin on him.

The burning question is, how is this string of injuries is happening?  I think our barn needs nanny cam.  Is this a series of unfortunate accidents?  Are the girls ganging up on him?  Is he fighting with Elvis?  Rough chicken sex?  Poor Jethro.  He beat 11 other guys and now someone may have it out for him.  The mystery continues….

One thought on “Oh, Jethro!

  1. This caught my eye because one of our 2 cats is called Jethro (the other is Clyde).

    When I was a kid we always had chickens, so I have never seen them as cute and cuddly creatures – your post has just reminded me of how mean they can be to each other.

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