Family Time


Me and Bertha
Me and Bertha
I spent three and a half hours in the garden on Sunday.  For the last half of that, Lily and Paco joined me.  I got caught up on the raspberries, picked peppers, and they helped me bring the beans in.  As we unraveled beans from the drying cornstalks, Paco remembered something from his youth.  He said this time of year, friends and he would pack a picnic lunch and hike the mountain near his home.  Along the way, they woul break off pieces of cornstalks, peel them (must use your teeth here!), and chew on them. 
Surprise!! The inner stalks are super sweet and juicy!!  you chew them up and then spit out the fibrous leftovers.  Amazing.  I have never heard of that.  It was a great way to refresh yourself.  This “forgotten” memory turned into a wonderful morning of family togetherness.  Lily was quite content to chew on corn stalks while we finished the beans. 
On the way in the house, we stopped to feed the chickens and goats.  Bertha, (pictured)  as usual, needed her cuddles.
What a wonderful way to start a day.

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