High Tunnel–Phase 2!

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Here, you can see phase 2 well on its way.  The metal posts for the door frames on either end are up.  The hipboards are on–the double wood furring strips along the long sides.  The hip boards will allow us to roll the plastic up to that point during warm weather–to avoid cooking our crops.  Phase 2 will be done when the doors are on (generic storm doors) and the ends are framed.  After that, we will just have to attach plastic and the channel that locks it onto the frame.  Today, another run to Home Depot for door framing lumber and enough lumber to make 4 raised beds (for starters) in the high tunnel.  We will build 4 beds–each 3′ x 12′ and 6″ deep.  Yahoo!!  More dirt for me to play in.

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