Eternal Spring

Thanks to the weather’s flirtation with freezing this week, the plastic was put on the ends of the high tunnel and we rolled the sides down.  Yesterday’s low was 37 and high 59.  At 2 PM , the high tunnel was a warm 87–with the screen door open on either end. 

I was able to remove the floating row covers from everything yesterday and gather the first harvest.  Spicy arugula, tender leaf lettuce, and baby beet greens.  I kep enough for a wonderful dinner salad and delivered a pound of arugula to be mixed into salad greens at the restaurant. 

When I got to the restaurant, I gave hubby/chef a big hug and kiss.  I cannot imagine a better present than the ability to bask and work in the eternal spring of my high tunnel.  I will be able to provide fresh produce for our family and the restaurant.  More importantly, we will be able to enjoy this farm in a whole new way all winter long. 

Here is what is planted:

Beets: Chiogga, Ace, Detroit

Lettuces:  Many, many

Spinach:  Bloomsdale, Olympia




Swiss Chard: Neon lights

Lacinto Blue Kale

Radishes: French Breakfast, Cherrybelle, and Black

Carrots:  Napoli, Little Finger, Dragon, Paris Market, Purple Haze

Onions: Evergreeen Bunching, Crimson Bunching, Italian Flat, Bridger



Broccoli: Waltham

Peas: Sugar Ann

Mache: Vit

Worth a try:  Green Apple Cucumber, Genovese Zucchini

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