Pepita Update

Here is a picture from 2006 of 2-year-old Lillian and a much rounder Pepita. In front, is our Forrest, who we lost in 2008.  As you can see, Lillian is immune to Pepita’s generally grumpy demeanor. In the picture, Pepita is clearly just tolerating Lillian’s friendly advances.

Pepita and I visited the vet yesterday to check her blood glucose and for any signs of infection.  Her sugar was 80.  Perfect!!  No signs of infection either.   At least for now, we have found the right combination of diet and insulin to keep her feeling good.  She can still be a bit wobbly and I can tell she has some days where she does not feel great, but overall she seems happy and healthy.  She will be at increased risk for just about everything now.  Diabetes for dogs is just like humans.  She now has a weakened immune system and we are working on keeping it working as well as possible.  She takes two whole food supplements targeting her immune system and a very careful diet.

She and we have adjusted to our new lives and we are cohabitating well.


2 thoughts on “Pepita Update

  1. We lost our Keesha this summer. She was diabetic, and we gave her insulin shots twice a day for 7 years. Over the years, we only had a handful episodes where her sugar was too high or too low. In her fifth year as a diabetic she even had a stroke and still, she lived on for another two years. She was something else.

    1. wow. It is amazing. I suspect our Pepita has been living with this for awhile and we were not aware. Hopefully she still has many great years to come.

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