Cherry Pitting 101

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The earliest of the cherries are ready.  We planted 2 cherry trees last spring and only one leafed out this spring.  For pollination, we will plant a new one this fall.  Regardless, our cherry trees would not have born fruit this season.  The first of the cherries were available this past week at the farmer’s market and I purchased about 10 pounds of sour pie cherries. In the past, I have pit cherries by hand (ugh) and used a handheld one at a time pitter.  I decided this was the year to get a real pitter.  I am very happy with the one I got.  It pits one at a time, but moves quickly.  I pitted them all in about 45 minutes.  About half of the pits come out neatly and half have to be pulled away from the cherry, but I think I got a great pitter at a great price.  I give it 4 stars! Here is the one I got:

Leifheit Cherrymat Cherry Stoner

I worked at the dining table after dinner.  Sunlight streamed in filtered by mulberry leaves and danced over the cherries.  They looked like glowing embers in the bowl.  A lovely small wonder.  The next day I combined them with sugar and rum and canned them into a nice “drunk cherry” syrup.  Great for waffles, ice cream, etc.

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