Indiana State Fair 2011

We took a day off from picking, cooking, planting, and canning and went to the Indiana State Fair.  We had some fun, saw some stuff, and ate greasy food.  As a kid, we always went to the Ohio State Fair so it is an important marker of summer.  Fairs have their root in agriculture–tractor parades, pioneer village, the biggest pumpkin, spinning wool, the honey queen, making art out of gourds, and all matter of livestock.  We saw some cattle, met an immensely cute donkey pulling a cart (I told him I loved him), and took in some of the horse judging.  The sad part of it was that no one was standing in line to see the biggest watermelon, but they were queued up to buy deep-fried kool-aid and ride the rides.

My favorite part of the fair is the Pioneer Village.  Beeswax candles, rug-hooking, quilts, wood artisans, maple syrup, potters, tractors make me happy.  Lily enjoys the kids’ farm where kids are given aprons and baskets and let loose on the “farm.”  The fact that my daughter prefers picking up balsa-wood apples instead of real ones, makes me a bit peevish.  The kids collected little bags of corn and soybeans and were to give them to the cow and pig statues. Before I could remind her that such a diet is the practice but completely wrong, she told me herself.  I know she did it to stop me from saying it, but I am proud–just the same.

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