A Really Good Day

50’s outside meant 70’s in the high tunnel and plenty to harvest.  What a wondrous day for the last day of January.  Once I got done with my have-to’s in the AM, I made an executive decision to ignore my need-to’s in the house and spend a few hours working in the high tunnel and the garden.  I was richly rewarded.  Salad greens, edible flowers, and Jerusalem artichokes will be heading to the restaurant with the chef tomorrow.  The weekend’s Jerusalem artichoke chowder was a sell-out hit.  It was great to get my hands into the earth and go treasure hunting for them. Mother Nature does a great job of keeping them crisp and fresh for whenever we need them.  The “candy carrots” are sweet and crisp.  In addition to the harvest, I loved seeing a dandelion in the high tunnel and some beautiful magenta kales.

2 thoughts on “A Really Good Day

  1. I’m intrigued by your site. I have to ask…what restaurant is your produce off to? Do you have visitors on your farm or do you bring your produce to the Farmers Market? Also, was the title- Small Wonder- inspired by Barbara Kingsolver? I love what you are doing and wish more would follow your example.

    1. Sorry about the delay in this reply. It’s planting season. Thank you so much. Your comment really made my day. We own La Scala Italian Restaurant and all of our produce is for our family and for the restaurant. I do not sell at market. The name did come from Barbara Kingsolver! You are a woman on my wavelength obviously!! Thanks again.

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