Changing The World

Food has changed the world many times over and will continue to do so. Food is health, but also culture and tradition.  From the earliest forms of cultivation, to nomadic lifestyles, to crushing poverty, to the obesity and disease epidemic—food is front and center.  We have to eat to live and many of us live to eat.

Food, when championed by people, can change the world.  In my lifetime, Big Ag and food processors changed the world by changing food to amalgamations of food-like products comprised of highly processed chemicals and food parts and pieces.  I am certain history will look back on this period of time with wonder that we could be so gullible and easy to seduce.  Lambs to slaughter. Chemical farming; GMOs; fractionated and overused foods like wheat, dairy, sugar, soy, and corn; and blatant disregard of nutrition and seasonality, have gifted us with a revolution of disease (autoimmune in particular), malnutrition, behavior and mental disorders, environmental degradation, and mind-numbing indifference.

My purpose in life is to use food as a tool for good.  To me, it is THE TOOL.  We have to eat. Doing it well gives us our health, our families, our communities, our humanity, and our planet BACK.

Yep.  I’m that much of a zealot.  I think food is the key to EVERTHING.  Like Margaret Mead, I do think that a small group of committed individuals can change the world.  I think it happens all the time. I know that the groundbreaking work being done on reversing autoimmune disease with diet and lifestyle alone is and will change the world.  Dr. Terry Wahls has reversed her MS with diet and lifestyle.  Really think about that.  Have you ever heard of ANYONE going from a tilt-recline wheelchair to jogging when diagnosed with a progressive and devastating illness like MS?  No, you haven’t, because no one ever believed it could be done. She is not the only one.  Returning to a whole foods lifestlyle and removing inflammatory foods has changed the lives of many, including me.  It’s miraculous.  We seem to be beginning to come out of our fast food collective coma and caring again about what we put in our bodies.

Let’s change the world…and save it too.


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