Dark Days Times Two

Just when I was pondering what our next meal would be for the Dark Days local eating challenge, 2 meals happened back to back without really planning.   The first is a meal of lamb burgers with home-canned ketchup, German potato salad, home-canned applesauce, and a cold beet salad.  Meal number 2 was a beef … Continue reading Dark Days Times Two

The Year in Review

It’s been a memorable and mostly good year here at Small Wonder Farm.  Here are some of the highlights (click on the links throughout and you will see all the posts on that topic): It was our first spring and summer growing in the high tunnel.   Verdict–those poor souls growing in flat open ground are to be pitied.  Raised beds … Continue reading The Year in Review

Dark days of winter with a thankful heart

I was recently asked to do a program at our county library next spring about eating local on a budget. A few days later, I came upon an eating local challenge called the “Dark Days of Winter Eat Local Challenge.” The challenge, from Urban Hennery blog, is in it’s 5th year and asks bloggers (and … Continue reading Dark days of winter with a thankful heart

The Larder

Definition of larder according to Merriam Webster dictionary: 1: a place where food is stored : pantry 2: a supply of food Larder.  I like this word.  It seems to encompass the idea of a real food supply.  Today, pantry most often means a few shelves of boxed mixes and canned foods.  A larder is food security.  A larder gets you … Continue reading The Larder

Find the Kitchen, Change the World

The most empowering thing that a person can do right now in our culture is not just the farming, but discovering your own kitchen…We are a culture that has never spent more money on kitchen remodeling and gadgetry and been more lost about where it is.  —Joel Salatin I love this quote and I love … Continue reading Find the Kitchen, Change the World

Upping My Game

I spend most of my “work time” growing, picking, acquiring, preserving, organizing, and storing food. I love it and I have gotten pretty good at it. This year is my 4th with a big garden. This year’s will be even bigger as we added the high tunnel. I’ve made lots of great contacts and friends … Continue reading Upping My Game