Workday in the High Tunnel

  It may have snowed last night, but in the high tunnel it is spring.  The photo above is the “before” picture.  Thanks to being ear infection free and Lily being back in school after strep throat, I got a very needed work day.  For a glorious 2 hours I weeded, harvested, and planted in … Continue reading Workday in the High Tunnel

Phase 2 of high tunnel complete and late summer on the farm

The high tunnel has doors and framed ends. Phase 2 is complete.  Phase 3 will be adding the plastic and the hardware to secure it.  There are now 4 3X12 feet raised beds thanks to hubby and an employee, Felix.  6 more beds will fit.  So far, 3 are planted with: Broccoli, Arugula, 5 varieties … Continue reading Phase 2 of high tunnel complete and late summer on the farm

High Tunnel–Phase One

the hoop bender on loan from Longhouse Farm Phase one is almost complete.  Hoops are done and bolted together.  We need to insert them into ground posts and bolt those in as well (insurance).  Then 3 purlins (think of these as the spine that holds all the ribs together) will be connected to provide strength … Continue reading High Tunnel–Phase One

High Tunnel Dreams

Here we are at Home Depot purchasing chain link fence top rail for our latest farm venture–a high tunnel.  For those of you who don’t know a high tunnel is a greenhouse-like structure made out of “hoops” (also known as a hoop house) and covered with transparent greenhouse plastic.  Our tunnel will allow us to extend … Continue reading High Tunnel Dreams

So it Begins

Canning season is off to a great start.  With inspiration from a friend who blogs at Creating Nirvana, I set out to turn the majority of 3 cases of strawberries into Strawberry Lemonade and Strawberry Limeade concentrate.  I love that Crating Nirvana’s recipe is honey sweetened.  One of the keys to canning is to can things you will really … Continue reading So it Begins

Sometimes, I hit it out of the park

Well, if you really know me, you know that I cannot hit or catch anything, let alone out of the park.  But, in a culinary way, our Dark Days meal this week was a home run.  I am not a very good recipe follower.  If I do use one, I usually follow it loosely.  This … Continue reading Sometimes, I hit it out of the park

A Really Good Day

50’s outside meant 70’s in the high tunnel and plenty to harvest.  What a wondrous day for the last day of January.  Once I got done with my have-to’s in the AM, I made an executive decision to ignore my need-to’s in the house and spend a few hours working in the high tunnel and the garden. … Continue reading A Really Good Day

The Year in Review

It’s been a memorable and mostly good year here at Small Wonder Farm.  Here are some of the highlights (click on the links throughout and you will see all the posts on that topic): It was our first spring and summer growing in the high tunnel.   Verdict–those poor souls growing in flat open ground are to be pitied.  Raised beds … Continue reading The Year in Review

Roast Beast

Just like the Whos in Whoville, Our Christmas feast included roast beast, in this case–leg of lamb. We also had roasted carrots glazed with cider molasses (a thicker version of our cider syrup) and mashed potatoes. This meal came mostly from our own backyard with the addition of a beautiful grassed leg of lamb from Thistle … Continue reading Roast Beast

Chile Rellenos Casserole

My latest installment for the Dark Days Challenge is a riff of the Simply Recipes recipe for Chile Relleno Casserole.  “Chile rellenos” means “stuffed chiles.”  The traditional way to prepare the dish is to roast and peel whole poblano peppers, stuff them with cheese, dip them in fluffy beaten eggs, and deep fry. They are then simmered in … Continue reading Chile Rellenos Casserole

Dark Days are Here

This week we kicked off the Dark Days of Winter Eat Local challenge. Don’t know about the Dark Days Challenge?  Follow the link above.  Over 100 bloggers and others will be presenting their local meals on a weekly basis and the recaps will end up at Not Dabbling in Normal. At our house the challenge is further … Continue reading Dark Days are Here

The Larder

Definition of larder according to Merriam Webster dictionary: 1: a place where food is stored : pantry 2: a supply of food Larder.  I like this word.  It seems to encompass the idea of a real food supply.  Today, pantry most often means a few shelves of boxed mixes and canned foods.  A larder is food security.  A larder gets you … Continue reading The Larder

Decisions, Decisions

We are occupied these days with planting fall crops.  As soon as a crop is in sufficient decline, we have been ripping it out to plant fall transplants or seeds.  So far, I have planted Bridger onions, Lisbon bunching onions, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Napoli carrots, arugula, and various beets.  There is still a lot to plant. Yesterday, Lily and the chef helped … Continue reading Decisions, Decisions