From Restauration to Restoring Health

For those reading this who loved and missed my restaurant, Restauration, I want to explain the trajectory that takes me from Restauration to my new business, Small Wonder Food.  Many have asked why I am not reopening as a restaurant and I want to explain why.  When my husband and I opened Restauration, the guiding … Continue reading From Restauration to Restoring Health

It’s Syrup Time Again

Sugaring season is here.  With this crazy warm winter we’ve had, I know some people have been sugaring off and on over the past 2 weeks, but I tapped our trees this past Friday.  It looked like we were going to have a stretch of perfect temps for collecting sap.  We collected 11 gallons form … Continue reading It’s Syrup Time Again

The Year in Review

It’s been a memorable and mostly good year here at Small Wonder Farm.  Here are some of the highlights (click on the links throughout and you will see all the posts on that topic): It was our first spring and summer growing in the high tunnel.   Verdict–those poor souls growing in flat open ground are to be pitied.  Raised beds … Continue reading The Year in Review

The Mother Earth News Fair

So, the fair quickly became too hectic and physically overwhelming to keep an ongoing blog journal. There was so much to see, hear, and do, and I wanted to absorb as much as I could. We are now on our way home, 3 hours to go and here are my first reflections: First of all, … Continue reading The Mother Earth News Fair

Michael Pollan Speech

Today, Paco and I went to Indianapolis to hear Michael Pollan speak.  If you would like to know more about his work, here you go:   I didn’t expect to hear a lot that I did not already know, but I very much wanted to hear and meet Pollan–someone I admire greatly and wanted to … Continue reading Michael Pollan Speech


This morning I rose early to get out in the garden before the heat was unbearable and my day really started (ie–husband and daughter awake).  I found some wonderful treasures–summer squashes, the first cucumbers, spring onions, and a few cherry tomatoes.  During my inspection of the cucumbers, I found a pink nose and tiny pink feet … Continue reading Tragedy