Summer in March

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I am not very happy about this already summer weather because I believe it to be man-made, but it sure has brought the farm to life.  So much is happening and I think it can be best summed up by photos.  Peaches are blooming, asparagus is starting to come, the high tunnel looks and feels like late May, and planting is well underway.  All these pictures were taken yesterday evening.  We grilled local pastured chicken on the grill, dined al fresco, Lily and Paco enjoyed their first popsicle of the season on the porch (raspberry hibiscus), and ,while they played basketball, I did the chores and walked the farm taking pictures.  As I came back up toward the house, I was overwhelmed with the joy of it all.  There is nowhere on the planet I would rather be.

Worth the Wait

Frozen asparagus is lackluster. Canned is often mushy.  There just is no good way, in my opinion, to preserve asparagus.

So, we wait.  A few days ago, the long wait ended when we each had 2 steamed spears with dinner.

The first asparagus harvest!!  It is trickling in.  I am lucky that I have very generous neighbors that share with me from

their well-established bed.

We love it. Lily and Paco especially will eat pounds a day.  If you think perhaps you don’t like asparagus, eat it the same day it is picked and you will change your mind.

I never buy it at the store, preferring to wait for the good stuff and then we revel in it!

Hope Springs Internal

The glaciers are almost gone here at Small Wonder Farm.  The ground below is still pretty frozen, so the worst of the muddy season is still around the bend. I picked a huge bowl of spinach today and planted fingerling potatoes and indoor germinated sugar pea plants in the high tunnel.

Now that the main garden has had the glacier recede, I took a walk back there.Despite absolutely knowing that there is no way asparagus can be coming up yet, I had to check.  Anticipation of what is to come might be one of the biggest gifts to a gardener.  I will console myself with memories of last year’s crop.