It’s Summertime and the Cooking is Easy


Now that the harvest is rolling in, dinners get very easy.  A few evenings ago I went out to the garden and harvested leeks, tomatoes, Swiss chard and basil.  Along with our farm fresh eggs and a little feta cheese, I made lovely omelets.  I used our favorite (and healthiest) cooking fat, coconut oil, and paired the omelets with a cold beet salad (our beets) with a homemade citrus vinaigrette.  Yum.  Fresh ingredients make simple meals so flavorful and satisfying.  Low quality-processed foods make up for lack of taste with high amounts of sugar, salt, and fat.

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Treasure Hunt

Everything is in and now there are daily surprises in the garden.  Yesterday, a handful of cherry tomatoes from the “Sweet 100” planted in the hoophouse in April.  Yahoo!!  Tomatoes on June 9!  Pretty proud of myself!  Also, was amazed to see baby zucchini coming on.  Days away from our first ones. 

The potatoes are doing great and, so far, no potato beetles.  I am sure they will be here any minute.  The cukes are winding their way up the trellises.  Have already harvested 3 heads of broccoli and there is more on the way.  Kale is big and beautiful and I am supplying the restaurant for soups.  I will soon dehydrate a big bunch for winter cooking. 

I started harvesting garlic yesterday.  The harvest is early due to the hoophouse and I am already scheming as to what I will plant in the empty space.  I am also planning n ripping the strawberries out and replanting those 2 beds with some strawberries and not sure what else.

What is struggling: 

  • Sweet potatoes:  my first year with this crop is an obviously irresistable bunny treat.  BUT, all that he has mowed down has come back,  so I think we will harvest. 
  • Beets—I will keep trying , but the critters are eating all the seedlings.  Perhaps I will so some in the hoophouse and cover with remay.

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