Roast Beast

Just like the Whos in Whoville, Our Christmas feast included roast beast, in this case–leg of lamb. We also had roasted carrots glazed with cider molasses (a thicker version of our cider syrup) and mashed potatoes. This meal came mostly from our own backyard with the addition of a beautiful grassed leg of lamb from Thistle Byre Farm. I marinated the lamb with olive oil, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, white wine, garlic, salt, and pepper. The carrots are Napoli carrots from our high tunnel. These are Eliot Coleman’s much lauded “candy carrots” that are sweetened by some heavy frosts and freezes. I harvested them along with some beautiful Jerusalem artichokes on Christmas Eve. The artichokes are heaped with compost in their outdoor bed. Our mild winter made it quite easy to harvest them. The carrots were amazingly sweet and lovely. These holiday gifts from our own farm were a beautiful celebration of the day.

Here’s the official breakdown for the Dark Days Challenge:

Our own farm:
Chicken broth (for mashed potatoes)
Apple cider molasses (home canned from Markle Farm cider)

Thistle Byre Farm:

Leg of lamb

Non-local Ingredients:

White wine
Olive oil

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Feliz Navidad

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We celebrated a wonderful Christmas here at the farm.  Cookie Chomper (our cat) chomped cookies, our new puppy Frida came home from the animal shelter for her first Christmas and stole our hearts, we snuggled in jammies, and were serenaded by Lily and her karaoke microphone.  A very Happy Holiday from us to you.

Christmas Sustenance

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Yes, we had many presents, a very excited little girl, and all the rest; but we also had a breathtakingly beautiful white Christmas with 6 or so inches of fluffy snow on top of what we already had.  The chicken portraits were inspired by my new zoom lens.  We also had a beautiful platter of FRESH veggies picked today!  I took a picture of my harvest basket nestled in the snow.  Absolutely amazing.  The word sustenance has been in my head all day.  The sustenance of home-grown food even in the coldest winter and the sustenance of our souls and our family on this Christmas day. I thought of all the eggs those ladies have “donated” to the sustenance of our bodies and the hours of enjoyment they and the goats provide us. I gave the goats and chickens my best rendition of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas.”  Insane?, perhaps, but I think they enjoyed it.

Now, Paco is on his way out the door with a big basket of carrot, radish, and beet trimmings for the chickens and goats.  Sustenance.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Merry Little Christmas

Click on the link to see my slide show Christmas card.  Be patient and you will need to click to advance to the next slide. (Not sure why I couldn’t make that work!)  My heart is full of joy this year and I want to share with you the beauty of this place.  The miracle of life is all around me in the grand things and the minute.  When you realize you have everything you need how can you feel but joyous?

 Lily’s act of kindness was the ultimate Christmas present for me. She saved up $48 from her egg business and bought as many cat and dog toys and treats she could at the dollar store and took and overflowing bag down to the animal shelter. She stayed awhile and cuddled cats and then she asked if she could volunteer to cuddle cats and that she wanted to come back for Martin Luther King Day because that is the day that President Obama asked everyone to help make the world better.  The people at the shelter had tears in their eyes and I was bawling.  Thing is, all kids are that generous and loving, we just forget to teach them to show it. It was a great lesson for her to see what she could accomplish and a reminder for me about the real goals in parenting.

From our family and our farm, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a wish that the small beauties in life will not go unnoticed and that we will all be kind to each other.