Decisions, Decisions

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We are occupied these days with planting fall crops.  As soon as a crop is in sufficient decline, we have been ripping it out to plant fall transplants or seeds.  So far, I have planted Bridger onions, Lisbon bunching onions, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, Napoli carrots, arugula, and various beets.  There is still a lot to plant. Yesterday, Lily and the chef helped pull out spent tomato plants to make more room for seeding.  She was quite proud to be pulling the vines out of the ground and then hauling them back to the brush pile.  While she and dad worked on that I picked currant tomatoes and Tinsel guarded the goats while they meandered the farm.  I have been sprinkling all the cole crop starts with cayenne to keep my garden rabbit, Junior, away from them.  Sometimes the decisions are pretty hard to make.  I know right now is prime planting time for high tunnel fall and winter crops, but I find it hard to pull out plants.  As August marches on, the decisions are becoming clearer.  Tomatoes have slowed greatly, but peppers and cucumbers are going strong. The Zucchino Rampicante in the high tunnel continues to produce heavily, but the one on the main garden is dying back. I wish it were the other way around.

Overall, the high tunnel has been a joy to work in and has worked miracles for the farm.  I have already been hinting at where I want the chef to build the next one and he seems to be accepting the inevitability of it.