Work and Play

It may be late summer, but the crops are in fine form.  The end of the extreme heat and drought have revived most of the crops and they have gotten a second wind.  Cucumbers and summer squashes are mostly done and being replaced with fall crops, but tomatoes and peppers are going strong. Blackberries are all but done, but raspberries are coming by the bucket.  If only, they were easier to pick.  Paco did berries this morning and I could pick nearly everything else in the time it took for him to get them finished.

We seeded beets, onions, and lettuces this morning and plan to get more in tomorrow.

After I go the harvest squared away, I got some playtime.  I grabbed an olive dish up on sale this summer with the idea of photographing cherry tomatoes in it.  I set up a little photo shoot this afternoon.