A Year in Review: Vegetables

Too much to go through each and every variety grown.  Here are the highlights: 

Corn:  first time growing.  We grew corn and beans together.  Beans did great, but corn so-so.  I knew I had put it into heavy clay soil and then ignored it.  Skip this next year.  It is such a space hog and good sweet corn is easy to come by around here.

Beans:  see above. 

Lettuce:  good

Broccoli:  great crop this year and lots of side shoots

Cauliflower:  so-so

Peas:  grew just a few vines due to Lily’s allergy.  Mostly just enough for me to eat in the garden.  Yum!

Tomatillos:  grown this year on landscape cloth for weed control.  Grew like crazy, again!  Had 3-4 times more than we could ever use.  plant less!

Tomatoes:  Grew so many and lost them all. 42 plants ripped out do to late blight.  Small harvest before that.  This year will not buy any plants, use only my own to control that possible disease vector. Will try to plant less!  Got some Hungarian Hearts that were stunningly beautiful and delicious.

Carrots:  Great harvest.  Really do well in the raised beds.

Cucumbers:  4 varieties.  We still love Mini Whites.  Very big harvest of Mexican Sour Gherkins or “mouse melons.”  Will try all new varieties this year.  Too close together this year. 

Eggplant:  Hit hard with flea beetles.  Minimal harvest.  Dustbusting beetles did work, I just did not keep up.

Peppers:  All did well.  Harvest was down from previous year–I think due to cool summer

Summer Squashes:  Wonderful harvest!  Squash bugs not too active

Quinoa and huazontle:  Rabbits downed all of it.

Beets:  Planted in sandier bed this year.  Yield not nearly as good as the year before.  Also lost some to rabbits. 

Kale: Amazing!

Chard:  also good, should have planted more

Vining winter squashes:  planted in the second pasture this year to keep the massive vines out of the main garden.   pathetic harvest.