Zucchino Rampicante

 Here is the process of turning Zucchino Rampicante http://rareseeds.com/cart/products/Zucchino_Rampicante_Squash_Zucca_D_Albenga-1140-16.html into dehydrated “noodles” for use in soups or as pasta.  I love this variety of squash.  It is superb as a summer squash or winter squash.  It is highly resistant to squash bugs and vine borers and it has a nice firm flesh and tastes better than common zucchinis.  We have battered and fried it as an appetizer.  used it to make zucchini Parmigiano, and cooked it on the grill.  Because of the firmer flesh, it can be quickly cut into noodle with a spiralizer, dehydrated and stocked away for winter.  These rehydrate well in hot water and are a great nutritious gluten-free alternative to pasta.


It is a monster plant.  It needs a lot of space and will vine itself into every nook and cranny.  Give it lots of space and provide a trellis to help control the beast.  I love the fact that as time and squash bugs call an end to other summer squashes, this one goes strong into fall.