Good News About Chocolate


Check out this handout I created about Theobromine–a phytonutrient abundant in chocolate.

Theobromine–The Good News About Chocolate

‘Tis the season to overindulge. Instead of overindulging with coffee and chocolate, I propose a much healthier alternative.   If your body tolerates chocolate well (it can be iffy for some folks with autoimmune diseases,) then here is the good news for you.  I gave up coffee last January to help with my thyroid issues and switched to drinking either brewed cocoa or a combo of dandelion root and chicory root. I will save my recipe for chicory & dandelion root coffee substitute for another post, but I really encourage folks to try brewed cocoa.  Brewed cocoa is a hot beverage made from ground cacao beans.  That’s it.  Nothing added.  Just chocolate in it’s pure unadulterated form. Brewed like coffee, it is best made in a french press.  You simply add enough ground cacao beans to give you the strength you want (I like it strong), let it brew for about 10 minutes, press, and enjoy.  Since this is just ground cacao, you get the health benefits of the cacao without added sugar, dairy, and fats.  The handout goes into depth about the health benefits of cacao and theobromine in particular.

I use the Crio Bru brand, but there are others.  I usually have a cup or two in the afternoon or before bed. It’s warm and indulgent without disrupting my sleep.