Hoop Houses under construction!

Thanks are due to a very cold husband!!!  Project would have been done today except that the bolts we got to form the “spine” down the middle were too short. The plastic has arrived so we can maybe get something outside by this weekend.  Yippee!!!

The hoops are made out of PVC conduit (very cheap!).  Another piece of conduit will run down the top for stability.  Green house plastic will cover and will be clipped on with removable white PVC clips (ordered from Territorial Seeds).  If you are interested in the ins and outs of construction, check out the You Tube video posted here on the site.  We added the brackets to the sides.  This should add stability to the hoops and make it easy to convert these back to regular raised beds when appropriate.

The Territorial order, which arrived today, also included a praying mantis egg case.  It is chilling in the fridge until spring.