Architecture and Strawberries

It was a wonderful Sunday on the farm.  The weather was perfect.  Paco and I got up early and focused on adding some functional scaffolding for the crops.  We completed placing and securing our homemade welded wire tomato cages on all 29 tomatoes.  We also used wooden trellises to create structures for the Zucchinno Rampicante.  We have grown this behemoth for 5 years now and know it needs some serious support.  We put in trellises for most of the cucumbers as well.

When I wasn’t helping the chef with architecture (yes that’s him in his Grinch pj’s), I was harvesting new purple potatoes, soft-neck garlic, and potato onions. I pulled all the pea plants in the main garden and the goats feasted on them happily.  I also snapped pictures to give a visible update on the farm.  Time flies in the garden and before we knew it it was 12:30.

I also dispatched about 60 lbs of strawberries this weekend.  That’s a lot of strawberries.  I will post separately about what happened to all of them, but there is a picture included here of a very happy girl enjoying some homemade strawberry lemonade.

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Purple and Orange, A Match Made In Heaven

By just looking at the blog you must know I have a thing for color.  So much so, that purple potatoes make me very happy.  They are a small wonder.  What beauty.

Another thing I love are dishes. It dawned on me that I ogle dishes the way my husband ogles cars.  I can breeze past the racks of shoes, clothes, jewelry, lotions and potions, but the dishes always stop me dead in my tracks.  I stay away from TJ Maxx because they always have amazing, gorgeous dishes. Intricate patterned casserole dishes, individual bean pots, and enameled cast iron.  On the rare occasions we go to one of the outlet malls, my whole body pulls me toward the Le Creuset outlet store.  I have 2 large “flame” roasters from them that I use often and will have forever.

I am drawn to bright and/or patterned dishes.  Mexican talavera is my favorite. They make me happy.  I don’t splurge on them that often, but I recently acquired little individual orange gratin dishes with lids topped with beautiful hens.   Oh, happy day.  Purple potatoes topped with chile-garlic compound butter and a splash of sherry.  A nice finish to a not so great Thursday.

Here is the recipe I riffed off of:

Sherry Potatoes at Simply Recipes

The only change I made was to use my own compound butter I had stashed in the freezer.  I also made one dish with EVOO instead of butter for my dairy allergic daughter.  The sherry lent a nice nutty flavor.  Since I did small individual dishes, they baked up in about 20 minutes.

I also roughly chopped some beautiful organic oyster mushrooms and sauteed them up in the same butter. Yum.

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