Brute Force

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These pictures were quick iPhone shots, so please excuse the quality.

Ok, so I am not calling my husband and Felix, one of our employees we enticed to help, brutes, but it sure is nice to have some hired muscles for a few days.  Since Paco is leaving for 10 days at the height of planting season, he is trying to make sure the heavy hauling gets done now.  I am so thankful.  He and Felix filled 2 1/2 more raised beds in the high tunnel with 2 yards of garden soil from Soilmaker.  Then they hauled 4 yards (2 more trips) of garden mulch compost from Soilmaker as well to top the beds in the main garden.  Yahoo!!  Our no-till, heavy compost plan of attack is in its second year now and there is no looking back.  They also used some muscle turning over the beds where cover crops had been sown using the broad-fork.  Rich black beds are ready and waiting. I took the plunge and planted the first of the tomatoes, basil, and peppers in the high tunnel.

If what I heard is true, they will also prep all the beds around the house–some of this being breaking into sod.  Where the garden and high tunnel have flourished, the landscaping around the house has suffered.  We have committed to this year being the year we rip it all out, get rid of all the rocks, and create a flowing landscape.  I very much doubt the vision in my head is the same as Paco’s.  I have made it quite clear that I need him to do the heavy prep work and I will do the planting 😉

High Tunnel–Phase 2!

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Here, you can see phase 2 well on its way.  The metal posts for the door frames on either end are up.  The hipboards are on–the double wood furring strips along the long sides.  The hip boards will allow us to roll the plastic up to that point during warm weather–to avoid cooking our crops.  Phase 2 will be done when the doors are on (generic storm doors) and the ends are framed.  After that, we will just have to attach plastic and the channel that locks it onto the frame.  Today, another run to Home Depot for door framing lumber and enough lumber to make 4 raised beds (for starters) in the high tunnel.  We will build 4 beds–each 3′ x 12′ and 6″ deep.  Yahoo!!  More dirt for me to play in.