Reclaiming Corn

Corn is genetically modified to enable it to be drenched in RoundUp.  After harvest, it is splintered and fractionated into a million different products and applications.  There are 38 ingredients in a Chicken McNugget and 18 are derived from corn.  Crazy.  Crazy that we are smart enough to make a whole world of products from the humble corn seed, but not smart enough to see that as a problem.  Seems to me like we are just smart enough to hang ourselves.  It’s amazing that we can modify species on a genetic level, but so stupid that we think there are not huge consequences to that.

My daughter is allergic to corn.  We found this out this past April.  Pulling all the corn from her diet has made a huge difference in her.  She has more energy, is happier, and is no longer complaining of daily stomach aches, headaches, and irritated skin.  Corn is in EVERYTHING.  Citric acid, ascorbic acid, caramel coloring, iodized salt, dextrose, white vinegar, and on and on and on.  I guess 90% of items in boxes and cans on grocery shelves contains corn.  Extreme overuse is at the heart of the huge wave of food allergies and sensitivities.  I think GMOs play a big part as well.

This year I grew 2 heirloom corns and I will use to make cornmeal and I hope my daughter will not react to them.  We will see.  I harvested them yesterday and they are drying now.  They are so beautiful!  They were worth the effort for beauty alone.  Red Floriani Flint Corn and Oaxacan Green Dent are the 2 we planted.  Beauty and diversity has been kicked to the curb by uniformity and technology.  The only way to fight the tide of mono-culture is by growing and consuming heirloom foods as diverse as possible.  The gifts of this planet are so plentiful and awe-inspiring.

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Our Cup Runneth Over

Too much to do to blog it all.

This is life on the farm now:

Get up before the sun for coffee and a piece of fruit

Barn chores

Pick from dawn until done (about 2.5-3 hours)

Water, prune, other maintenance 1-2 hours

Sort and clean produce

Pack produce for restaurant for the chef to take or for me to deliver

Can, dehydrate, freeze what is to be used for the family.

Day Two:

Water, check crops, barn chores

Preserve everything that could not be done the day before


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