Workday in the High Tunnel


Before the work begins

It may have snowed last night, but in the high tunnel it is spring.  The photo above is the “before” picture.  Thanks to being ear infection free and Lily being back in school after strep throat, I got a very needed work day.  For a glorious 2 hours I weeded, harvested, and planted in the high tunnel beds.  It is amazing to me everything that made it through the extreme cold of this winter.  Many of the seeds Lily and I planted on New Year’s Eve are coming up now.  The very late fall sowings of arugula are now taking off.

Below is a video tour of each bed mad after the big cleanup and planting is done.  The focus isn’t always great, but it gets the job done.


A Day on the Farm


Proof that life is returning to the farm.  Our “garage cat,” who adopted us last fall gave birth to 4 healthy kittens this morning.  Now to find good homes for them and get mama to the vet so that she, named mistakenly “Edwin,” doesn’t find herself in the family way again!  She made good use of her new,  roomier box decorated by Lillian.  Lily drew murals on the inside of Edwin, her kittens, and Lily holding them.  She also immediately gifted them a plastic pony and brought Edwin an extra helping of food.  I am not so happy about the vet bills this will mean or the need to find homes, but it is a precious event to share with a child and a truly small wonder.  I can’t help but look at Edwin and her 4 darlings and marvel at the life she has brought into the world.  I know that the world does not need 4 more cats, but I am glad Edwin got this experience and that we got to share in it too.  It’s a small wonder in a hard and sometimes overwhelming world.