CHERRY TOMATOES!! and farm friends

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We have picked cherry tomatoes by the gallon this summer. We also use them by the gallon at the restaurant.  For the past month or so, Small Wonder Farm has been able to produce nearly all of the restaurant’s needs.  Tiny “currant” tomatoes are the Chef’s favorite.  The 2 red currants and 1 gold currant planted in the high tunnel have taken a superhuman effort to pick.  We can easily spend an hour or more on each plant every other day.  We also grew and love our Chocolate Cherry tomatoes and a new variety for the farm–Tomatoberry–both spectacular.

The small cluster of onions pictured are from Egyptian Walking Onions, a perennial onion that forms clusters of onions at the top of the plant to be replanted and a larger bulb at the base to be harvested.   These have been on my radar for a while now. I have read about them and then I saw them growing at Connor Prairie.  I was delighted when I saw them offered by Daniel Fagerstrom ofGreen Gate Garden.  Daniel is an inspiring farmer who often offers things just a little out of the ordinary.  I was delighted to have gotten some Jerusalem Artichoke plants from him this spring as well.  His Green Gate Garden at Fair Oaks Farm is a marvel of diversity, beauty, and bounty.

I purchased the scalloped squashes from Ginny Markle of Markle Farm for the restaurant.  They were too beautiful to pass up and too lovely not to photograph before sending them with the chef.  Many locals know Ginny and her amazing array of beautiful fruits and vegetables.

Ginny and Daniel are enough reason to attend the Saturday market in Lafayette.