Pleasing the Ladies

We are starting our 4th year with chickens and one of the things that I find interesting about them are there preferences as far as produce.  This morning when I did chores, I stopped in the high tunnel and grabbed a handful of mizuna.  My plan was to stick it in my smoothie for the day, but on a whim I decided to give it to the hens.  Of course, there was a mad dash to see what lovely green had made an appearance.  It was quickly apparent that mizuna was not to their liking.  Everyone wanted to try it, but no one came back for another bite.

So far, these are the items our chickens would rather do without:

Anything citrus

Onions, garlic



Squash (will eat eventually)


Our gals are lucky to get all the ends of the lettuces used at the restaurant.  That is about all the produce waste there is there. The goats love the lettuce ends as well.  When I come in with a bag, they work on picking it apart before I can even get the bag open.

This weekend we will be cleaning up the high tunnel beds so there will be some weeds for feasting on by the lovely ladies.