About Small Wonder Nutrition

Kirsten is finishing her program with Bauman College and will soon be a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

2 thoughts on “About Small Wonder Nutrition

  1. I am beekeeper who is committed to chemical free, natural beekeeping. You might be aware of the benefits of pollination, especially for a farm like yours. Strawberries pollinated by bees are dynamite! Would you be interested in having hives on your property?

    1. Hello there,
      We may be interested. Can you tell me a little more about your operation? How many hives do you maintain and how do you market the honey?
      We have talked about doing bees ourselves, but are stretched pretty thin and have a 7 year old daughter who is afraid. I think having them around would certainly help the farm and perhaps alleviate her fears as well.
      Thanks for your interest.

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